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COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Covid lobby


We are contacting all Guests prior to arrival to receive the required check-in information beforehand. This ensures a quick and seamless check-in at Front Desk.

Along with the clear acrylic panels at Front Desk, all staff wear masks and gloves while practicing social distancing. All the room card keys are sanitised prior to check-in.

We are also measuring the temperature of all Guests in the hotel and we will contact local health authorities should anyone record a temperature above 37.5 degrees. Should you not feel well or show any symptoms of COVID-19, please inform us.



All housekeeping staff wear masks and gloves and refresh the air in the rooms while performing our duties.

We are taking extra care in sanitising all areas that Guests touch while staying including the door knobs, bathrooms, toilets, basin handles, desk and bench surfaces, tables, remote controls, phones plus many more.

All rooms are equipped with Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifiers.

An Dining Restaurant

We have installed acrylic panels between seats and routinely refresh the air along with sanitising all the tables and chairs.

We have limited the numbers of Guests during busy periods to prevent crowding.

When entering the restaurant, please sanitise your hands and wear a masks at all times except when eating.

An dining breakfast


When at the breakfast buffet, please always wear a mask, the provided serving gloves and use one set of serving tongs.

We have installed food covers for all the buffet items. We will inform you of peak periods to ensure crowding does not occur.

It is also possible to take away breakfast to enjoy in your room or outside the hotel.

An dining dinner


We ask that all Guests sanitise their hands before entering the restaurant for dinner.

We ask that Guests make reservations and we are limiting Guest numbers to ensure crowding does not occur.

We also have a a special menu for Guests to enjoy in the room (pre-booking required).

Private Onsen Outside Garden


We are informing Guests of peak usage periods beforehand and have limited the number of Guests able to use the Onsen at one time to ensure crowding does not occur.

Onsen towels are now placed in Guest rooms for you to bring to the Onsen. We routinely sanitise all areas in the Onsen. We also have our Private Onsens available for use once during your stay for up to 40 minutes.

Covid 19 spa shuttle

Spa, Shuttle Bus

In order to prevent potential infection risks, we are currently not operating the Ki Niseko Spa and shuttle services.

We are also only performing bell luggage services upon request.

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Concierge Service

For winter 20-21, we are offering limited Concierge services to limit the contact time with Guests.

For An Dining restaurant reservations, please enquire directly with An Dining via email address


Other Measures

We have installed hand sanitiser in various locations around the hotel and regularly clean sanitise high-touch areas such as door and elevator buttons.

We are limiting the numbers of Guests using elevators and also routinely refreshing the air in public areas along with Guest rooms.

All staff wear masks on shift, measure their temperatures and perform health checks at the start of every shift.

















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