Premium Course

¥11,000 (An Dining drink pairing +¥5,200)

We hope you enjoy the modern Japanese cuisine with An Dining.

Our menu is mostly Gluten free and very flexible for many dietary requirements. 90% of the ingredients we use are from Hokkaido and 30% of the ingredients are directly sourced from the producers.

Premium CourseMenu
EntreeHokkaido Corn Soup, Fresh scallops and sea urchin
Kobu cured flounder Rhubarb and pickled strawberry
Sweetfish and land seaweed tempura,Homemade fresh Yuzu pepper
Please select one from the following options ①-③① Niseko tomato caprese, Takahashi farm bocconcini, Oba and basil oil fermented tomato Shiso jelly
② Sake steamed Akkeshi Oyster
③ Amaebi prawn wild shiitake tartare, Fresh Tokachi mushroom salad
Please select one from the following options ①-③① Braised Nemuro Kinki cod, wild shiitake mushroom, Hokkaido root vegetables
② Black Suffolk lamb sesame cutlet, Home made miso sauce, Beetroot and cabbage salad
③ Shiretoko A5 Wagyu Sirloin Steak, Lavender and red wine sauce (+¥3,000)
Rice & SoupHokkaido organic Yumeperika and Nanatsuboshi Rice
Miso Soup
Please select one from the following options ①-②① Sweet Summer Mikan Tart, Berbene ice cream, Miso safle and citrus mousse
② HAKKO GINGER chocolate, ginger chocolate nemesis, ginger confiture, Raspberry sorbet & grapes
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