Welcome Food Packs

  • インフォメーション


    Would you like to arrive to your room to find it stocked with cooking supplies, foodstuffs, or some Hokkaido-sourced snacks? We've got you covered!

    The following food packs are available for you to order. *Please note specific contents and prices of the food packs are subject to change. Please contact concierge@kiniseko.com for more details.

    Seasoning Pack (3,000 yen)

    Basic Breakfast Pack (3,000 yen)

    Deluxe Breakfast Pack (5,500 yen)

    Snack Pack (5,800 yen)

    Hokkaido Pack (9,800 yen)

    Please email questions or booking requests to our concierge team at concierge@kiniseko.com.