Welcome Food & Beverage Packs

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    This service is not available at the moment.

    Please note the following information relates to previous season. The information will be updated and the service will be available to book once prices and details are released by our supplier.

    Would you like to arrive to your room to find it stocked with cooking supplies, foodstuffs, wine and beer or Hokkaido-sourced snacks? We've got you covered!

    Food pack orders accepted up to 4 days prior to delivery date. For orders less than 4 days, delivery may be delayed.

    Contents of welcome food may be subject to change depending on availability. Specific items listed may be substituted with similar items.

    Annupuri Snack Pack (¥4,900)

    Annupuri Snack Pack

    Meiji Camembert cheese, cheese sticks, ham, Lotte Choco Pie, Nabisco premium crackers, Kit Kat matcha green tea, CGC mixed nuts, CGC pistachio, Pringles sour cream

    Yotei Lunch Pack (¥4,000)

    Yotei Lunch Pack

    4 eggs, sausages, olive oil, soy sauce, Nissin cup noodle x 2, instant rice pack, instant miso soup pack, furikake (seasoning) pack, House instant curry pack x 2

    Kutchan Breakfast Pack (¥4,600)

    Kutchan Breakfast Pack

    Milk, 4 eggs, sausages, sliced bread loaf, Meiji 4-cup yogurt, Kellogg's cornflakes, apple, banana, CGC sliced cheese, SP strawberry jam, olive oil, CGC Hokkaido butter

    Hokkaido Breakfast Pack (¥6,600)

    Hokkaido Breakfast Pack

    Milk, 10 eggs, sausages, bacon, sliced bread loaf x 2, Meiji 4-cup yogurt x 2, Calbee fruit granola, Kellogg's cornflakes, apple x 2, banana, CGC sliced cheese, SP strawberry jam, olive oil, CGC Hokkaido butter, orange juice, Nissin cup noodle x 2, Knorr instant soup x 2,

    Late Night Bento

    Beef Bento Box

    Delivered to your room prior to your arrival. Japanese bento boxes contain a variety of small dishes centered around a portion of rice. There are a four options to choose from:

    • Fish bento: ¥3,500
    • Chicken bento: ¥3,500
    • Pork bento: ¥4,500
    • Beef bento: ¥5,500

    Only available to hotel guests arriving after 20:00.


    Sapporo Classic 6 Pack
    • Sapporo Classic Beer 350ml x 6 (¥2,000)

    Welcome Food will be in your room upon arrival. Items which require refrigeration will be in the fridge in your room.