Summer Season

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, gourmet tour, family vacation or sports trip; summer offers something for everyone.



Niseko is a golfer's paradise, with a range of courses, all located in picture-perfect terrain. Courses are found around the mountains and forests, giving guests the pleasure of golfing with Niseko's scenic Mount Yotei as a backdrop. From relaxing weekends to executive challenges, there is a golf experience that will suit every enthusiast. Visit our Golf Concierge page for more information.

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร


Hokkaido has some of the best cycling in Japan due to its natural beauty, cool temperatures and quiet roads. Cyclists from all over Japan frequent the wide and peaceful roads surrounding Mount Yotei National Park. Exhilarating mountain bike trails are also located nearby, with both down-hill and cross-country flow trails catering to all abilities.

Water rafting in Niseko.

Water Activities

Some of the most thrilling summer-time activities take place in the water! Jump into a rubber boat with your friends and challenge yourself to a rafting trip down one of Hokkaido's most beautiful rivers. Kayaking is another option, taking place in stunning locations such as the Shiribetsu River or the Oshoro Bay of Otaru. If jumping off waterfalls, swimming through crystal clear mountain water and jetting down whitewater rapids sounds appealing, then canyoning is the activity for you. It's an adrenaline-filled experience and a great way to cool off in the hotter months!

An Dining Main Course Dinner

Gourmet Experience

The Niseko area's local produce is recognised throughout Japan, and indeed right across Asia for its superior quality. Hokkaido supports extensive farming due to its large size, relatively small population and favorable soil and climate, and produces an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the summer months. Go fruit-picking in Yoichi and enjoy the delicious fresh fruit straight from the tree! Hokkaido is also renowned for its dairy, and the area offers many home-made ice cream shops, sweet shops and cheese factories where the products can be sampled and purchased. Enjoy a true gourmet experience at Niseko's restaurants, markets and farms!

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร

Hiking and Walks

Niseko's beautiful natural landscape offers a variety of walking and hiking trails to suit all abilities. Most of the mountains have set routes and maps. Some of the routes are short, lasting about an hour, while others can be broken up over several days. For true hiking enthusiasts, the climb up the majestic Mount Yotei is a must. The unforgettable views from the peak shouldn't be missed!