Summer Season

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, gourmet tour, family vacation or sports trip; summer offers something for everyone.



Niseko is a golfer's paradise, with a range of courses covering a diversity of challenges amidst picture perfect terrain. All courses are located in and around the mountains and forests giving guests the pleasure of golfing with Niseko's scenic Mount Yotei backdrop. From relaxing weekends to executive challenges, there is a golf experience that will suit every enthusiast. Visit our Golf Concierge page and view golf packages and specials throughout the green season and let our Guest Services staff plan your Niseko golf holiday.

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร

Road Cycling & Mountain Biking

After Niseko's winter ski season has ended, the ski resort and surrounding area exposes a natural environment perfectly suited to both mountain biking and road cycling. Hokkaido has some of the best cycling in Japan due to its natural beauty, cool temperatures and quiet roads. Cyclists from all over Japan frequent the wide and peaceful roads surrounding Mount Yotei National Park. Whether you are interested in mountain bikes or road cycling, contact our Concierge team for a list of tour operators and bike rentals.

Water rafting in Niseko.

Whitewater Rafting & Water Activities

Rafting is a popular activity in Niseko. Jump into a rubber boat with your friends and challenge yourself to a trip down one of Hokkaido's most beautiful rivers. Numerous Niseko outdoor tour operators offer a variety of water activities ranging from two hours to a full day trip along the Shiribeshi River and other Hokkaido rivers and streams. Choose from rafting, duckying, kayaking or canaoeing and let Guest Services staff arrange a fun-filled outdoor adventure down the Shiribeshi River.



There are several beautiful spots around Niseko to enjoy kayaking, including the stunning Shirabetsu River or the Oshoro Bay of Otaru. The kayaks are stable and easy to handle, making it a great family activity and an even better way to take in some of the Hokkaido's gorgeous natural scenery. Contact the Ki Niseko Concierge to arrange a sea or river kayaking expedition.

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร


If jumping off waterfalls, swimming through crystal clear mountain water and jetting down whitewater rapids sounds appealing, then canyoning is the activity for you. It's an exhilarating experience and you'll get to see some of the best scenery Hokkaido has to offer. Tour operators run canyoning trips to a number of places near Niseko, including the very attractive Sakazuki river, which is surrounded by oaks, maples and wild flowers.

An Dining Main Course Dinner

Food & Gourmet Travelling

Locally produced delicacies from Niseko and the Kutchan area are recognised throughout Japan and right across Asia. The prefecture of Hokkaido support extensive farming due to its large size, relatively small population and favorable soil and climate, producing almost ten times as much wheat as any other prefecture. For dairy lovers, the area offers many renowned home made ice cream shops, sweet shops and cheese factories where the products are produced on site. At Niseko Farmer's market you will find everything from fresh vegetables to seasonal specialties of the highest quality, with produce from over sixty farms in the local area are gathered under one roof.

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร

Hiking and Walks

Niseko is surrounded by mountains and abounds with a variety of trails to suit all tastes and abilities. Most of the mountains around Niseko and throughout Japan have set courses and maps. Information is readily available at our concierge and the local Niseko tourist information sources. Some of the courses are short, lasting about an hour while others can be broken into several days. A must for hiking enthusiasts is the hike up the majestic Mount Yotei. It has several trails heads culminating in a trail around the caldera at the top. The unforgettable views from the peak shouldn't be missed.

โปรโมชั่่น หน้าร้อน นิเซโกะ ซัปโปโร

Hot Air Ballooning

What better way to take in views of Niseko and the surrounding mountains than in a hot air balloon? Head out in the early morning hours for the calm wind, warm light and peaceful atmosphere. Young children are permitted to ride in a hot air balloon, making it yet another fantastic activity for familites traveling to Niseko.

Enjoy a trail ride

Horseback Riding

Niseko has some great horseback riding trails and facilities that will suits those of all ages and abilities. Contact the Ki Niseko Concierge to make a booking.