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    There's something for everyone at the Ki Gift Shop! Take home a special Niseko holiday memento with our unique, local Hokkaido-inspired range of souvenirs and gifts.

    Our Gift Shop has a wide selection of items either made in Hokkaido or related to Hokkaido in some way. We aim to stock our store with items that our guests and visitors can purchase to help them remember their stay in Niseko even after their trip.

    Come and check out our range of local products including sweet treats, bath amenities, local arts and crafts and Ki Niseko original merchandise. The Ki Gift Shop is located on Level 1 of the hotel, right opposite the Ki Gallery.

    Ki Gift Shop features a range of local products, for a perfect Niseko memory!

    View some of our featured products below that you can purchase and take home for yourself, or loved ones, from the Ki Gift Shop:

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    #1 Hangetsuko Cookies

    One of the most popular items at our Gift Shop is this soft cookie made by the local “Oshi no Fujii”. Hangetsuko is a very popular welcome sweet in Japan, so it flies out the door as a souvenir. Cookies are made using local flour from Hokkaido and fresh eggs from the local Ishikawa poultry farm in Kutchan-Cho. Flavours available are chocolate, white chocolate, and corn-flavoured chocolate.

    #2 Siraca Toiletries

    The Siraca toiletries collection is used throughout Ki Niseko in guest rooms and large onsens and is also available to purchase from the Ki Gift Shop. The products are praised for their excellent moisturising and replenishing powers with a faint citrus scent. The series contains white birch sap collected in Rankoshi, a town next to Niseko.

    Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and body lotion are available.

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    Ki Niseko Samue Low Res 4

    #3 Ki Niseko Samue Room Wear

    Many guests who have stayed with us have praised the comfort of the traditional samue room wear, provided to them during their stay.

    The smooth gauze fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and does not make your skin feel stressed. One of the reasons for the popularity of the garment is that it is available in a wide variety of sizes, so everyone can take one to continue to experience the comfort in their own home.

    #4 Hikobayu Essential Oil Spray

    Have you ever had the experience of hearing a nostalgic song that brings back memories of that time? In the same way, scents can stimulate the five senses to make you feel nostalgic and bring back memories. This wonderful essential oil spray is made locally in Niseko and used throughout the hotel.

    Available scents are candle, fabric and room spray. They are also available as essential oils.

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    #5 Artwork by Hiroko Takahashi

    Local artist Hiroko Takahashi started exhibiting her artwork in 2013 in Sapporo, and has had two exhibitions at our Ki Gallery, 'Over there and here 2016', and 'Grow Pine Trees', which was showing during the start of the Winter 2022/23 season. Her two-dimensional works use familiar objects such as wolves and other animals and plants, focusing on themes that arise from questions such as "What is it really like to be alive?".

    #6 Hakko Ginger Healthy Drink

    Introducing Hakko Ginger - Japan's first self-manufactured ginger beer which is locally produced just down the road in Kutchan-Cho. This healthy drink features carefully selected ingredients such as organic ginger and chili peppers grown at the foot of Mt. Yotei, molasses from Tokachi, wild cherry yeast, and organic lemons from Hiroshima.

    A must-try, and must-take-home-for-your-friends-to-try local item!

    Ginger beer
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    #7 Ki Niseko Tote Bag

    Pick yourself up this chic brown tote bag with the original logo of Ki Niseko, a perfect (and very practical) reminder of your Niseko holiday. The outside of the tote is made of thick fabric which keeps it sturdy, while the inside funky lining is designed by a designer living in NYC. It is reversible so that you can enjoy the front and back, almost like having two bags in one!

    #8 Ezotchi Framed Photographs

    If you like cute, fuzzy animal pictures, this is the souvenir for you! Ezotchi is the name of a photography unit by local Japanese photography artists Akira Sato and Ruriko Sato. Ezo is actually a name used mainly by the Ainu people, and is now a word used to describe Hokkaido. These adorable framed photographs are from the exhibition 'Living in the Land of Ezo' and they showcase the strength and cuteness of the wild animals that have lived in Ezochi since ancient times.

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    #9 Ki Niseko Masu

    In the olden days, people used this square wooden box to measure rice. The sound of the word "Masu" has the same sound as "increase" in Japanese and is used in positive expressions such as "more blessing" and "more love".

    More recently, the Masu has become widely acknowledged as a vessel for serving Sake at celebratory or festive events, as well as a symbol of good luck. The term “Masu” translates to “growth” in Japanese, and is thus an icon of prosperity and great happiness.

    #10 Local Hokkaido Honey

    Our last (but certainly not least) featured product is this local Hokkaido honey (4 types). Each flavour we stock has different characteristics, so you can enjoy choosing the way to eat and the effect according to your preference. Four types of Hokkaido honey are acacia, linden, buckwheat, and momoka.

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    Whether you're a Ki Niseko guest or a visitor to Niseko looking for a souvenir for your trip, pop in and see us at the Ki Gift Shop. We have plenty of other gifts and souvenirs on offer that you can browse through and are available for purchase too. We look forward to seeing you soon!