Hiroko Takahashi Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Introducing the new exhibiting artist at Ki Gallery, Hiroko Takahashi, with “Us - You & Us” from 17 Nov, 2018 – 29 Jan, 2019.

A bridge is a structure carrying a pathway connecting two or more points (my philosophy of a bridge carries a deep meaning). Whether the bridge is short or long, it will take us to somewhere special, somewhere different from where we were, and even to a different world. By crossing a bridge, it will give us wisdom and experiences.  

The difference between the points of a bridge are where you exist and where you don’t. You are at the one end and looking at others at the other end. Understanding others is to actually understand yourself. A bridge is something so special in that you realise who you are

What is a boundary? When is it born?  If you are going to cross a boundary and we don’t need a bridge anymore, what kind of world will we be in?

Akuruhi 明くる日

Hiroko Takahashi was born in Akita Prefecture in 1977, and was brought up in Sapporo. Hiroko began publishing her work of acrylic paintings and pen drawings from 2013.  Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Hiroko participates in solo and group exhibitions in Sapporo. 

 My art work is about life around me. My philosophy of life is expressed through the ordinary subjects surrounding us, for example, animals like wolves, rocks, and plants.  Through my art work, I pose questions to viewers about ‘what they really are,’ ‘what the fundamental things are,’ and ‘what the meanings of our lives are.’

Exhibition is located on the 1st floor, across from the Ki Gift Shop. Free of charge

Exhibition dates: 17 Nov, 2018 – 29 Jan, 2019.