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    Enjoy a wide range of services at Ki Spa or in the privacy of your own room, from invigorating facials to relaxing massages.

    Restore your well-being with high-altitude therapies in our beautiful alpine spa. Ki Niseko invites you to indulge in our own quiet sanctuary.

    For another variety of supreme relaxation, try one of our signature body or facial treatments. Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with a variety of treatments that focus on preserving the delicate balance of hydration and nourishment in the skin. Ki Spa treatments will leave you glowing and refreshed. Have a look at the menu below and pick your pleasure.

    Winter (1 December 2018  to 6 April 2019): 14:00 - 23:00 (Last appointment 22:00)

    Summer (8 April 2018 to 30 November 2018): 15:00 - 23:00 (Last appointment 22:00)* 
    * All of the following prices are for Winter. For Guests visiting during summer, there are a few different menu items and deep discounts available. Please inquire for details.

    Massage Spa

    Relaxation Massage

    Through application of pressure to muscles, this massage improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue, muscle soreness, backaches and headaches.

    60 minutes¥11,000
    90 minutes¥15,000
    120 minutes¥20,000

    Oil Massage

    A full body massage using essential oils that releases tension, heals tired muscles and improves blood circulation and metabolism. The aromatic oils also have a relaxing effect that helps reduce stress.

    60 minutes¥12,000
    90 minutes¥17,000
    120 minutes¥21,000
    Emu Oil Option - recommended for muscle and shoulder painextra ¥2,500


    Professional hand massage techniques will alleviate tired skin and puffiness. A mixture of rose honey, chardonnay and prune extracts combined in perfect harmony with Hokkaido-made fermented horse placenta (noted for its anti-aging properties) enhances the effectivenss of the treatment.

    If you wish to add a scrub, there is a ¥200 surcharge.

    40 minutes (cleansing, facial and neck massage and skin moisturizing)¥9,000
    60 minutes (cleansing, facial and neck massage, mask and skin moisturizing)¥13,500

    Facial Mask Options

    Clay Mask ~ brightens dull skin and detoxifies¥3,000
    Enzyme Mask ~ reduce age spots and wrinkles, brighten dull areas, and make your skin radiant¥3,000


    Without using needles, electropolation (E-Polation) permeates the deep areas of the skin with macro-molecular beauty compounds that were difficult to introduce via ions or ultrasonic waves. Using a safe and effective high density extract and the amazing effect of E-Polation, this treatment yields supple, taut skin with minimal wrinkles and age spots.

    40 minutes SA Extract (cleansing, washing, E-Polation, and moisuturising)¥13,500
    40 minutes FX Extract (cleansing, washing, E-Polation, and moisuturising)¥14,300

    Foot Massage

    30 minutes¥6,500

    Hot Stones

    90 minutes¥21,000
    120 minutes¥28,000

    Relaxation Massage and Facial Package

    90 minutes ¥18,000
    120 minutes ¥24,000

    Oil Massage and Facial Package

    90 minutes ¥18,750
    120 minutes¥25,000

    Summer Only Specials

    20 to 40% off winter prices above! Send us an enquiry for current specials in summer.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All prices are inclusive of Tax & Service Charge.
    • Cancellation or changes to a reservation on the day of treatment will incur a 50% cancellation charge.
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