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    Frequented by cyclists all over Japan, enjoy the cool climate, wide roads, and unmissable scenic views as you ride through Niseko!

    Cycling through the countryside of Niseko need not always come with effort and sweat - glide over elevated and undulating landscapes with our E-bikes!

    Experience the delight of riding assisted by an electrical motor so you can concentrate on the countryside and magical views whilst having fun.

    All bike rentals will come with a helmet as per Japan's mandatory helmet wearing rules. If you have any questions or are interested in making a booking, send an email to with your inquiry and we will be here to assist you!

    Besv psa1


    Created by an international company focusing on Beautiful, Eco-friendly, and Smart e-bikes as their Vision (BESV), we can offer an entry-level model for you to enjoy. Created using an aluminum frame to keep it nice and light, this bike has a range of 90km when fully charged.

    Yamaha White Isle


    A much more sporty model compared to the BESV model for those very comfortable controlling a bike. The Yamaha e-bike features the more common aluminum diamond frame, front suspension and disk brake as well as 8 different gears to choose from - you will be able to comfortably tackle the undulating terrain of Niseko!

    Please note, pictures are reference only. Actual bikes may look slightly different depending on availability.

    Cycle TypeTimePrice
    Yamaha/ BESV1 Day¥5,000
    Yamaha/ BESV4 Hours¥4,000
    Yamaha/ BESV2 Hours¥3,000

    Bike Tours with White Isle

    Our rental supplier is also offering bike tours around the Niseko area! If you have enjoyed riding our rentals, we are sure you will also enjoy their organised tours. Ride through panoramic landscapes in both the Niseko and Iwanai areas and broaden your experience while staying at Ki Niseko. For more information, please head to their website below.

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