Coach (New Chitose Airport)

  • Information

    Transfer from New Chitose Airport to Niseko-Hirafu Welcome Center by Bus

    One Way Ticket Per Person (includes complimentary shuttle service between Hirafu Welcome Center and Ki Niseko)

    Adult: ¥4,400
    Children (11 and under): ¥3,500

    Infants under three years old can travel free of charge if they travel on the lap of an adult.
    When completing the online booking form:

    1. If you require a seat for your infant, please include them in the “Number of Children.”
    2. If you do not require a seat for your infant, please include them in the “Number of Infants on lap.”

    Arrival Transfers
    Bus departure from New Chitose Airport must be at least 60 minutes after domestic flight arrival or 90 minutes after international flight arrival.

    Departure Transfers
    Bus arrival at New Chitose Airport must be at least 75 minutes prior to domestic flights and 120 minutes prior to international flights. Bus services are booked in either Big Runs or Resort Liner services depending on your flight arrival or departure times.


    Coach Timetable

    New Chitose Airport to Niseko ~ 1 DECEMBER 2017 - 31 MARCH 2018

    Depart Domestic TerminalDepart International TerminalArrive Hirafu Welcome CenterBus Number
    9:50-12:40BR 1101
    11:00-13:50BR 1103
    12:3012:2015:20BR 1105
    13:1513:0516:05BR 1107
    14:1514:0517:05BR 1109
    15:1515:0518:05BR 1111
    17:0016:5019:50BR 1113
    18:0018:1020:40RL 115
    19:30-22:20BR 1115
    21:30-24:00RL 119

    Niseko to New Chitose Airport ~ 3 DECEMBER 2017 - 1 APRIL 2018

    Depart Hirafu Welcome CenterArrive Domestic TerminalArrive International TerminalBus Number
    7:2010:3010:40BR 1102
    8:5012:0012:10BR 1104
    10:2013:3013:40BR 1106
    11:2014:3014:40BR 1108
    12:5016:0016:10BR 1110
    14:5018:0018:10BR 1112
    16:2019:3019:40BR 1114

    Meeting Point at New Chitose Airport

    For services booked in Big Runs (BR)

    Big Runs Check-in for Domestic Arrival Big Runs Check-in for International Arrival

    For services booked in Resort Liner (RL)

    Resort Liner Check-in for Domestic Arrival Resort Liner Check-in for International Arrival

    Booking Terms

    • This is an exclusive booking service for guests of Ki Niseko.
    • Bookings must be made at least 10 days prior to the date of travel. Guests are encouraged to book as early as possible, as availability is limited.
    • Guests arriving on delayed flights will be put on the next available bus where possible. Where guests are delayed and miss the last bus, or where guests are delayed/miss the bus for reasons other than delayed flights (e.g. missed flight), 100% cancellation fee applies. Guests must consult their airline or travel insurance company for compensation. Ki Niseko is under no obligation to provide any replacement service as a result of flight delays or cancellations.
    • In the event of delays or cancellations to the service due to weather, traffic or road conditions, no refunds or replacement services will be provided. Ki Niseko is under no obligation to ensure that you are able to meet your flight or onward transfer from this service.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Payment for Concierge bookings is due 7 days prior to check-In. We reserve the right to cancel without notice any unpaid service by this due date.
    • Requests for changes or cancellations must be sent via email to
    • Cancellation or changes 7 days or less prior to the transfer date will incur a 50% cancellation charge.
    • Cancellation or changes 2 days or less prior to the transfer date will incur a 100% cancellation charge.
    • Cancellation includes amendments to the bus time booked, and amendments that reduce the overall value of the booking. Cancellation also includes no-shows, which will also incur a 100% cancellation charge.
    • We strongly recommend travel insurance to cover against cancellations caused by delayed, missed or cancelled flights.
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