An Dining Ainu Set Lunch

Hokkaido in summer is undoubtedly so much about the exquisite produce that makes its way from the farm and onto the plates of Niseko's many restaurants. 

Executive Chef and Owner of An Dining at Ki Niseko, Shinichi Maeda has crafted an especially authentic Hokkaido menu for summer with the Special Ainu Lunch Set featuring Ainu-inspired food. The set is created using traditional techniques as used by Hokkaido's indigenous people, as well as modern techniques and ingredients.

Shinichi Maeda

Executive Chef and Owner of An Dining Shinichi Maeda.

The set includes "Ohaw", organic rice mixed with milet and beans and pickled fuki. A soup-like dish, Ohaw has lots of ingredients which are similar to Japanese hot pot, or "Nabe". To Ainu people Ohaw was a staple food, as they had limited rice and grains.

An Dining Ainu Lunch

Chef Maeda-san's take on Ainu flavours at An Dining.

An Dining is also open for regular summer trading and menus.

Weekends only 11:30~15:00 (LO 14:30) through summer and limited to 20 serves.

Price:  ¥1,400

Location: Ki Niseko View Map