Asako Iwasawa Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Introducing the new exhibiting artist at Ki Gallery, Asako Iwasawa, with What do plants dream of? on from 21 Jan – 20 Feb, 2018

Born and raised in Akabane, Tokyo, Iwasawa graduated from Tama Art University before establishing a design studio with a friend, working with Water Studio (created by Naoki Sakai and FranceBed among others). Iwasawa later fell in love with kimono designs and worked at a batik studio designing kimono.

With many years in Tokyo with hardly any greenery, Iwasawa grew a longing and passion for nature, deciding to live as a farmer in the countryside.

Blue Moon Night

Artwork by Asako Iwasawa

“Nature is full of thrills and wonders. It impresses me to no end and fuels my imagination. I’m deeply moved and inspired by the power of nature rather than simply being content with merely depicting what’s there.

I attempt to recreate the spirit of nature, the desire of nature, the dream of nature, and the ideal of nature. I’m particularly drawn to the world of plants and insects–the way in which sometimes other’s lives are taken in order to protect one’s own. Yet other times, helping each other survive through the harsh cycle of life–something we human beings fail to see.

I aspire to portray the mysterious shapes and colors of nature, what we see and don’t see.”

Exhibition is located on the 1st floor, across from the Ki Gift Shop. Free of charge