A Summer Present for Children Staying at Ki Niseko!

With the summer holidays being the longest break for families with children, it's no wonder that travelling is on the top of many families' priority list when the warm weather rolls in. That being said, having so much free time needing to be occupied, it can become tough on any parent or guardian to keep their children entertained over the long summer holiday.

Designed by local artist and blogger, Yuko Miyake, the two puzzles, 30-pieces and 40-pieces, are being given away to staying guests with children all summer long. All guests with children can receive one puzzle per-child and can pick which of the two they wish to receive. Don't let the number of pieces fool you, the puzzles can be a challenge for adults too!

Puzzle 1

A look at the two puzzles

We put Yuko and her two children to the test and had them sit down and give the puzzle a shot. The 30-piece puzzle was up first and it turned out to be a bit trickier than expected! Yuko came in at just under 9 minutes and her two boys (5 and 7) came in at 16 minutes!

Puzzle Ends

Just under 9 minutes, 16 minutes for children!

The second puzzle, with slightly smaller pieces can be a bit more challenging, especially for young children! This is one that mom and dad might need to step in to help out once and a while!

Puzzle Starts2

Ready? Set. Go!

Puzzle Ends2

Phew, 23 minutes with the kids!

Well, those two boys were at it full concentration for the entire time. We'd say that these puzzles are a win for moms and dads everywhere! Puzzles are a great way to help challenge children and a tool to assist them in developing logical functions, memory and more!

We are sure there are lots of families who will whip through these puzzles in better time than us, but that's okay with us! If you are staying with us this summer, please don't hesitate to ask our Front Desk about the Cow Puzzles and give it a go with your children!