Ki Niseko's Original Rodeo Machine

While she doesn't have a name yet, our newest edition is sporting the Ki Niseko logo and colours! If you've stayed or been in the area over this summer, you have likely already seen our rodeo in action. Fluffy and cute, who would expect such a rowdy ride from a sheep with such an innocent face?

With levels ranging from one to five, the Ki Niseko Rodeo is a good laugh for the whole family. Lower levels are fun and enjoyable for the kids and the higher levels four and especially five are a real test of physical strength and endurance for adventurous adults! Surrounded by an inflatable air cushion you don't have to worry about getting bucked off, but please do make sure to ride responsibly and if you are not in the best of condition, maybe wait until the rodeo's next appearance to give it a go!

Our rodeo made its debut at the 2016 Hirafu Matsuri and caused a real stir! Adults and children alike lined up to get a turn, some going for a gentle spin while others went in for the full experience. Only a few made it up to level 5, but regardless of what level they made it to, just about everyone had the same smile across their face!

You can expect to see our Rodeo making appearances at festivals and events in the Hirafu village and Niseko area from here on out as it has been such a big hit so far! As long as the weather is cooperating, feel free to swing by and try it out! Please remember that safety is a priority for us, so we will ask that everyone cooperates in enjoying the rodeo safely!