Ki Niseko is proud to be one of the founding sponsors of SMiLE Niseko.

SMiLE Niseko's founders, Julian and Yoshiko Bailey, noticed a growing opportunity and pay gap in employment in Niseko. New employees in the 'International' businesses often come here from Tokyo or from overseas because local people simply do not have the necessary English language skills. SMiLE's mission is simply to fill that gap.

SMiLE provide Professionally delivered English language courses based upon International best practice and methodology. This enables young people to supplement their mainstream Japanese education with 'gold standard' International certification and as a result broaden their life opportunities. For their parents, local people, retirees or anyone with an interest and desire to communicate in English SMiLE will offer structured '4 Skills' based courses with opportunities to demonstrate and enjoy progress at 'my pace'.

For the many local businesses, administrators or Professionals detached from opportunity by a lack of confidence or skill in English, SMiLE will offer courses to help them close the gap.Similar problems exist for the many foreigners now living in Niseko. SMiLE Japanese language education will support current and future foreign residents or visitors who need to or simply aspire to progress in Japanese.

SMiLE and Ki Niseko are united in believing that language empowers people. More people communicating more effectively will make the town and the wider area a better place for us all to live, work and play.

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