Make the Famous Cherry Blossoms a Part of Your Niseko Trip

While winter is well and truly here, spring time is edging closer. The great news about the new season on its way is travellers to Niseko, over the next couple of months, can enjoy a ski holiday and spectacular cherry blossom viewing, all in one trip.

With the very first cherry blossoms in Japan having bloomed only days ago in Shizuoka's Kawazu City, it sparks the beginning of the famous, annual cherry blossom, or sakura, bloom.

Shizuoka Sakura1

The first sakura blooms for 2017 line the Kawazu River in Shizuoka's Kawazu City.

Around 8000 cherry blossom trees now line the Kawazu River, with the full-bloom having started February 15th, and will be viewable through early March. If you're stopping by Toyko during your itinerary, why not make a trip to Kawazu City, located about two hours and 40 minutes away via the Odoriko train.

Or, if you're headed to Niseko via Tokyo later in March, why not see the amazing sakura in Toyko? The Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has released their third cherry blossom forecast only days ago on February 16th, with the forecast flowering start date in Tokyo as March 19th, and full bloom predicted for March 28th.

Shizuoka Sakura2

Pink-hued sakura in Kawazu City.

With March a great time to visit Niseko, with special family-friendly ski holiday discounts, and great weather, why not combine some magnificent cherry blossoms viewing seeing as part of your Japan experience. With late-March blossoming in much of the Kanto region, early April will also be a a great viewing time so you could also stop by Tokyo on your way home to take in the sights!

Many other regions in Japan offer the famous sakura bloom too, like Kyoto and Osaka, with flowering forecast to begin from March 26th and 27th with full bloom from April 3rd so you can tailor your trip to suit you.

Sakura Zensen 2017

Cherry Blossom Flowering Forecast Map by Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC).

Plan your Niseko escape now and get ready for a wonderful ski holiday full of unique Japan experiences.

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