Indulge with Ki Spa's New Beauty Treatment

Introducing Ki Spa's new state-of-the-art beauty treatment to rejuvenate and revitilise your skin, leaving you looking radiant and more youthful.

Without using needles, the new electropolation (E-Polation) machine permeates the deep areas of the skin with macro-molecular beauty compounds that were difficult to introduce via ions or ultrasonic waves. 

Using a safe and effective high density extract and the amazing effect of E-Polation, this treatment yields supple, taut skin with minimal wrinkles and age spots.


Relax while our trained therapists treat your skin in a tranquil setting.

Our therapists will choose the right concentrated serums to suit you and your skin needs. Get ready to look and feel years 

30 minutes SA Extract (cleansing, washing, E-Polation, and moisuturising)¥13,500
30 minutes FX Extract (cleansing, washing, E-Polation, and moisuturising)¥14,300

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