Pay in Your Own Currency When Booking Ki Niseko

Pay in your preferred currency when you book your Ki Niseko holiday.

When booking your Ki Niseko holiday, you can now pay in the currency of your choice using our online payment portal.

Charging your credit card in your home currency usually means a better exchange rate which is locked in at the time you make the payment. It also avoids international purchase and transaction fees which are sometimes added if you pay by a non-Japanese credit card.

By choosing this option, you can benefit from being quoted the exact amount to be charged to your credit card before you make the payment.

Locking in the exchange rate when you make the payment allows you to take advantage of any fluctuations in the Japanese Yen and minimise the cost of your holiday in your home currency.

You can pay your Ki Niseko balance in part or in full at any time before the due date, so you can time the payment and secure an exchange rate to suit you.

For Japanese guests or those paying with a Japanese credit card, you can also benefit from a quick, easy and secure payment method with us.  


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