Specimen of light - 光の標本

A new art exhibition by Kiyoe Gallery started in October at An Dining which presents a number of glass and photography works.

The two artists who created this wonderful exhibition, Ikuya Sasaki and Mayuko Aoike, have crafted a number of pieces that focus on light and its behaviour. 

If you show the exhibition flyer and order more than one drink you will receive a dessert served in one of the glass works.

Place: An Dining (Ki Niseko)

Period: October 1st to November 29th, 2019 (Closed from November 11th to 17th)

Messages from the artists:

"We want to present the scenery and figure and experiment with how the light and shadow overlaps and resonates with the pieces."

"We would be pleased if you come and experience the 'light specimen'."

Ikuya Sasaki and Mayuko Aoike

An Dining Dessert For The Art Exhibition
An Dining1017 149 Ura 1
Ikuya Bp An Dining Min 2