Takashi Yamashita's Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Introducing the new exhibiting artist at Ki Gallery, Takashi Yamashita, with Formed Memories on from 1 Aug – 30 Sep, 2018.

Yamashita notes that all over the internet are self assertive photos which are altered by smartphones. Nowadays, styles of artists can be easily replicated using a wide range of filters on smartphones, laptops and the internet. As technology advances, Yamashita would like his photography to connect with the memories of his viewers. 

By purposely capturing images in which the particular location, day and time is difficult to recognise, Yamashita hopes that his photography will mean something different to each viewer.  

Takashi Yamashita Exhibition

Takashi Yamashita's interest in different forms of art came from his time studying architecture at Waseda University. He also has a strong interest in Ludwig Wittgenstein's later philosophy, especially in the way of thinking. Yamashita's work have also been on exhibitions in the USA and Italy. 

Exhibition is located on the 1st floor, across from the Ki Gift Shop. Free of charge

Exhibition dates: 1 Aug – 30 Sep, 2018.