MINAMO: Reflecting the Colours of Nature

Ki Gallery exhibition 'Minamo', by artist Shin Tokumaru, is now on until November 4th, 2017.

Hangetsu-ko (Lake Hangetsu): Reflecting the Colours of Nature

A message from the artist, Shin Tokumaru.

"Hangetsu-ko is situated at the entrance of Mt.Yōtei near Kutchan. After going through the pedestrian walk in the old-growth forest, 30m of the damp passage will take you to the lake. Surrounded by the quiet nature, one can't resist feeling the sense of unity. The wind will produce distinctive waves affected by its sunken geological formation. These waves reflect the surrounding views in totally unique ways.

I have been taking these scenes since 2005 and titled them “Minamo.” These scenes vary through the seasons, time of the day, and weather. I am fond of the patterns of reflection by colourful leaves and sky in autumn.

My passion is to send the viewers the energy of nature through “Minamo.”

Tokumaru Shin Minamo Exhibition at Ki gallery

The hallway wall in front of the Ki Gift Shop.

Even though Hangetsu-ko is a small crater lake, the way the wind blows can create numerous patterns, which are depicted on the artworks. Magnificent colour reflections are captured on the surface of the lake under blue sky, clouds, and trees.

Dates: October 23rd till November 4th

Place: Ki Gallery at Ki Niseko

Free of charge

Tokumaru Shin Exhibition in the lobby

Exhibition extended to the lobby, too