Why December is a Great Time to Visit Niseko

The winter season has just arrived and the snow is falling; December is a magic time in Niseko. Whether you are after a romantic ski holiday or a new adventure for your family, there's something for everyone in the first month of winter. Here are some great reasons to round out your year with a trip to Niseko.

The Ski Lifts Open

The annual ski lift opening is scheduled for the end of November with the Niseko-Hirafu lifts scheduled to open November 23, 2017. That means December is a great time to enjoy Niseko's fresh snow before the busy period in January and February.

Experience an unforgettable holiday in Japan.

Enjoy plenty of space to ski free with less people on the mountain during December.

Night Skiing Starts

Ski under the stars with Niseko's night skiing season scheduled to open from December 9th, 2017.

Fit more into your day with the lifts open until 8: 30 pm each night. Why not take a cooking class, go on a day tour or try out snowmobiling during the day and practice your turns after hours? Plus, the visibility is often enhanced at night as the lights cast shadows on any bumps along the way.

Ki Niseko illuminated at night in winter

Niseko-Hirafu lit up by the night lights with Ki Niseko at the base of the mountain.

You and The Mountain

With January and February traditionally the busiest months in Niseko, December (before Christmas and New Year's) is a great time for families and skiing enthusiasts to take advantage of less crowds and more space to explore.

Not only does the mountain have fewer people but also the ski learning areas are less busy than later the peak of the season, giving first-timers or beginners even more room to move.

The other great thing is, after you've worked up an appetite, you have much more chance getting a table at some of the most popular restaurants in Niseko.

Entertainment and Events

The beginning of winter brings a host of in-house events on at Ki Niseko. From live music performances to special cultural events, there's many special moments to be a part of. Not to mention the variety of local events around Niseko at that time of year.


Traditional Japanese drums, or "taiko", are just some of the live performances on at Ki Niseko.

Clearer Weather

Before the coldest months of January and February roll around, enjoy milder temperatures and clearer days during the first month of winter. Get around a little easier with less snowstorms, making it an ideal for families or young children on their first snow holiday.

Plus, with more clear weather days you'll enjoy capturing Niseko's incredible scenery for Instagram-worthy holiday snaps that will make your loved ones back home just a little be envious! Though, next time you can bring them with you and show them just how it's done in Niseko!