5 Niseko Summer Activities You Probably Didn't Know About

One of Asia’s best kept travel secrets is the Niseko summer, which is relatively unknown in comparison to its very popular winter snowsports season. Like Whistler, Lake Tahoe and Chamonix, Niseko reinvents itself into an outdoor lover’s paradise during the warmer months, with an exciting list of activities to try that includes whitewater rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking.

In addition to these, there are a few experiences to be found in Niseko which we think you’ve likely never heard of! We’ve compiled a list of our favourites, which we hope you’ll get the chance to try out. Enjoy!

Soba Noodle making

Hokkaido is an agricultural hotspot and attracts foodies from all over the world, who visit for the fresh farm produce, abundant seafood and fascinating food history and culture. Add to the gastronomic experience by signing up for a Soba noodle-making class, run by the Niseko Outdoor Center (NOC). Using Niseko’s pristine water, you’ll learn to make Soba noodles by hand under the expert guidance of the NOC team. Noodles will never taste as good!

Tree Trekking

The tree trekking course at Pure at Niseko Village is a forest adventure for kids (and adults) of all ages. Fly along the treetops on an environmentally friendly setup consisting of zip lines, hanging bridges and nets. And don’t forget to take in the view!


An adventure for kids (and adults) of all ages! Image: Niseko Village

Park Golf

Forget rigid course rules, heavy bags and expensive green fees. Park golf is a simpler, friendlier version of the traditional game, which is sometimes said to resemble a cross between golf and croquet. A single ball and club are sufficient to play, the course is much shorter and the diameter of each hole is wider.

Niseko is home to a number of Park Golf courses, which are a popular attraction amongst local families looking for a casual day out during the warmer months.


Park golf is a simpler, friendlier version of the traditional game. Image: Wikimedia Commons


There’s no better test of balance than slacklining, which is similar to tightrope walking and involves walking between two fixed points on a piece of tubular webbing. There’s also no better place to try it out than in the safety Niseko Hanazono’s facility, where the line is suspended three metres in the air above a giant air-filled cushion called the Bagjump. Find out if you were made for the circus by making it from one end to the other, and if not, enjoy the comfy landing!


Enjoy the comfy landing! Image: Hanazono Niseko Japan

Ice Cream Making

There’s nothing better than a cold, refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day, especially when it’s made using freshly squeezed milk and top quality Hokkaido ingredients. Sign up for an ice cream making workshop in Niseko with Saison Club, where you’ll be rewarded sweetly for all the hard work you put in!


There's no sweeter reward that the one you get from making your own ice cream. Image: Saison Club