Akira Sato Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Born and raised in Sapporo, Akira Sato started his career as a professional photographer after he was inspired by the ocean and nature around Hokkaido. In particular, he was fascinated by the scenery and wildlife around Shakotan Peninsula and the world heritage site, Shiretoko Rausu. 

Akira Sato has won many competitions including Hokkaido Wildlife Photography, Nikkor Photography and Nature's Best Photography Japan

His exhibition, "Beautiful Wildlife" at Ki Gallery will showcase 20 photographs of Hokkaido wild animals captured by the talented photographer. 

Owl With Watermark

“Immersing myself taking photos of oceans on weekends around Hokkaido, Shakotan Peninsula and World Heritage Shiretoko Rausu.

A day of poor weather made me go to the woods instead. There I met the Hokkaido Owl “Ēzo Fukurō” which enticed me into wildlife.”

Exhibition is located on the 1st floor, across from the Ki Gift Shop. Free of charge

Exhibition dates: 20 May – 31 July, 2018