Niseko's White Birch Trees

Blessed with amazing natural scenery, Niseko is beautiful all year round. In particular, the acres of Japanese white birch trees which span across the mountain range makes the surrounding scenery absolutely unforgettable. 

To celebrate the natural beauty of Niseko, Ki Niseko uses Hokkaido inspired products as part of our Ki Gift Shop merchandise. For this year's Love a Tree Day, we have a closer look into the meaning behind our Ki Niseko official merchandise, supplied from Hikobayu.

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Hikobayu is a local company which specialises in forest management and sustainability. In particular, their focus is on conserving Niseko's white birch trees. Hikobayu's work ranges from careful path laying, assisting regrowth of trees to creating natural products. Using only fallen birch barks, Hikobayu creates beautiful handcrafted jewellery and essential oils which helps to preserve the beauty of Niseko. 

Ki Niseko are proud to use this sustainable natural product as our official accessory. 

Ki Niseko's official jewellery are created using 1 cm thick small barks before intricately folded into a variety of floral shapes. Harvesting naturally peeled outer layers and fallen birch branches once a year, these jewelries are limited in numbers. Ki Niseko's jewellery is elegant, timeless and meaningful.

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