Akira Tanisugi "Nostalgic Journey Hokkaido"

We are pleased to announce the latest photo exhibition to be held at Ki Niseko this summer is a solo presentation titled "Nostalgic Journey Hokkaido" by photographer, Akira Tanisugi.

Title: Nostalgic Journey Hokkaido

Exhibition period: August 4, 2020 – September 22, 2020

Location: Ki Gallery in front of Ki Gift Shop (1st Floor)

Admission: Free

Akira tanisugi tokitabi

A pinhole photograph reflects an old memory left behind.

Akira Tanisugi

Born in Hakodate in 1968, Tanisugi graduated from Nihon University College of Art in 1990 majoring in photography. After graduating, Tanisugi decided to take over his family business, a photo studio “Hyakunen Shashinkan” in Hakodate. After winning several awards, Tanisugi published his first photobook “PIRIKANOKA” which celebrates significant Ainu regions that were officially registered to the Hokkaido 150th anniversary support plan.

The greatest feature of pinhole photography, which is said to be the origin of the invention of photography, is that it makes viewer lose track of time through its blurring. The light and slowly moving time in the pinhole photography feels as if it is reflecting an old memory left behind. Take a look at the views of your memory from the windows as if you were travelling on a space-time train travelling into oblivion. Bon Voyage.

*All the artwork for this exhibition was created with a pinhole camera. By hanging them in one line beside each other, it appears to be like the “windows of a train”.