Armada Ski Competion Winner Announced

We are very excited to announce that the winner of theArmada ski competition is Colin Zhong, a Niseko regular who has been visiting the resort since 2003! Colin is an expert skier who visits Niseko multiple times a year, so we are very sure that he will put his prize to good use!

A special thanks to our competition partner, Rhythm Snowsports, who donated a pair of the latest season's Armada JJ skis.

We caught up with Colin after his big win to ask him a few questions:

Where do you live and what do you do for a living?

Colin: I live in PR China (Hong Kong) and work for a bank.

What is a must for travelers visiting your city?

Colin: I live in HK – got to try the Dim Sum!

When and where was your first ski experience?

Colin: 20 years ago on the east coast of USA.

Describe your current skiing skills

Colin: Advanced!

Describe your perfect winter holiday

Colin: A Christmas winter holiday that has lots of snow, plus great food and lots of skiing. Hot springs and la mien no less.

How often do you visit Niseko?

Once or twice a year.

Where else have you skied? How is skiing in Niseko different from anywhere else?

Colin: Whistler, Lake Tahoe, Hakuba…

Niseko is in Asia and it is a short hop away. Niseko's powder snow is awesome. They also have a wide ski-able area which is great fun.

When was the first time you visited Niseko and how has it changed since then?

Colin: Back in Dec 2003! The fine dining scene has changed so much. It used to be all local but now there are several Michelin-star restaurants.

New apartments and houses are being built and sold very fast. Hotels not just limited to Hilton but now you have The Vale and Ki Niseko and all of them are ski-in ski-out. As a result of the boom as a ski holiday resort, crowds of people just keep coming in every year. The earthquake was quickly forgotten and now it is packed with even more people.

How did you end up investing in a Yotei Tracks apartment?

Colin: The first time when we came we loved the accessibility of a ski resort not far from home and at the time, it was relatively cheap to invest in one so it was a no-brainer.

Share your best travel tips/must-dos for visiting Niseko

Back country tour - Niseko is as big as a ski heaven, so if you manage to find a local guide you can explore a wide range of back-country mountain area that would will you back every season!

Colin's new skis

Available at Rhythm Snowsports!