Yuichi Hasegawa's "Aura" Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Introducing the new solo exhibition entitled "Aura" by local artist, Yuichi Hasegawa, at Ki Gallery.

Dates: Friday, 1 September 2023 - Saturday, 21 October 2023

Location: Ki Gallery at Ki Niseko

Admission: Free

Yuichi Hasegawa exhibition

"Aura" is Yuichi Hasegawa's third solo exhibition at Ki Gallery, following on from "Life in Colour" (2019) and "Corridor of Memories" (2021). Hasegawa's artistic process draws inspiration from his surroundings and personal connection with the Niseko region.

Starting with the etymology of the word, Aura can be traced back to its Latin roots and means "gentle breeze", "aroma" or "wind". By the late 19th Century with the rise of Western spiritualism, the term Aura came to describe a unique atmosphere that emanates from people, nature, the environment, and seemingly inanimate objects. Although ambiguous and mostly invisible to the untrained eye, the existence of such energy may be subconsciously perceived by the five senses.

This exhibition, which aims to explore this subjective phenomenon that exists within reality, takes into consideration the presence of the viewer as their auras inevitably interact with the ones consciously captured in Hasegawa's series of artworks.