Changes to international travel arrangements for inbound travellers

Today, Japanese Prime Minister announced that Japan will ease international tourism restrictions in September 7th.

Even though Japan has been allowing foreign tourists into the country since June 2022, it was only on guided tours. The details will be determined soon, we expect that the inbound tourists no longer need to be a part of a guided tour group and the sponsorship by Japanese Travel Agent will still be required.

The daily arrival capacity of the inbound tourists entering to Japan has been raised in stages over the past 6 months, it was 10000 in April and raised to 20000 in June, and will be raised to 50000.

If passengers have already had three shots of an approval of vaccine, they are no longer required to have a pre-arrival covid PCR test.


These changes are most welcome and we expect that further easing of requirements for inbound tourists will be implemented before the winter season.

We offer greater flexibility for the coming 2022/23 winter season.

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