Enjoy The Otaru Snow Light Path This February

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Enjoy the city snow lights of the Otaru Snow Light Path this February.

Celebrate winter with the magic of a winter wonderland this February at the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival (Yuki Akari no Michi). The port city of Otaru will illuminate during the annual festival which will run from February 3rd-12th, 2017. Why not make it a part of your Niseko vacation travel plans?

The idea behind the event is that the people of Otaru invite people visiting the festival to feel at ease, to think about things leisurely in the glow of the candlelight, and to have time to reflect on themselves forgetting their troubles in daily life in a swiftly changing society. They hope the festival will continue as a spiritual event rather than a commercially oriented festival.

Otaru Snow Light Path

Beautiful snow lights will scatter through Otaru.

There are two official festival areas will light up every day from 5pm-9pm in the Unga Kaijo area (The Canal Site) and the Temiyasen Kaijo area (former Temiya Railway Line Site). Both areas are easily accessible on foot from the train station.

The Otaru locals also get into the snow spirit with their own lanterns and lights in their shop windows. You can enjoy the local cuisine with tickets on sale during the event period with great prices on sushi, sweets and noodles as you walk around and enjoy the city lights.


The Otaru Canal with snow lights alongside the edge of the canal.

So get ready to see the city of Otaru illuminate with beautiful lights and small snow statues for the ten days of the event. With Otaru just under an hour and a half transit time from central Niseko, this event is a must-see!

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