Event Update: Snowater Festival 2018

A few years ago, we took inspiration from the Thai new year "water festival" celebration and Niseko's famous "snow" to create our own Snowater Festival. Ki Niseko's annual Snowater Festival took place this year on the 14th April 2018.  Here is an update on what happened (and who won the battle)!

Snowater Festival 2018 20

First battle of the day, 'Missing Niseko' vs 'Denim Denim Denim'. 

The main event was the snowball and water balloon battle where ten teams competed against each other. The aim of the game was to hit the opposing team with either a snowball or water balloon. Once hit, the opposing team member would be eliminated from the game. Fifty snowballs and twenty water balloons were prepared for each team to ensure there was sufficient firearm. The team with the most members left in the game after three minutes would win! Another way to win would be stealing the opposing team's flag. We saw a few contestants charge across the battle field to steal the opposing team's flag but only a few succeeded!

Many tactics were employed in this year's Snowater Festival. Some teams lined all their members behind the first shield to corner their opponents while others threw the balls just over the shields to hit the opposing team member. It was fun for the players and spectators to watch!

Snowater Festival 2018 26

Both GoSnow teams go head to head in the final round for the grand prize. 

After four fierce rounds of eliminations and nine heated battles, we had two winning teams: First Place - 'This team is snow joke' team and Second Place - 'Denim Denim Denim' team. This year, we gave away a three night stay at Ki Niseko as the grand prize. Second place won goods sponsored by Rhythm Japan

To keep players and spectators energised, our local DJ played throughout the event while An Dining prepared authentic, mouthwatering Thai food! They served spicy Tom Yum soup with fresh prawns, succulent chicken satay and Pad Thai which Thai locals in Niseko absolutely loved!

Ki Niseko Water Festival

Winning team, 'This team is snow joke'.

We're expecting a few teams to come back for a revenge match and hope to see everyone at next year's Snowater Festival. 

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