Golden Week Festival 2018

Golden week is the most anticipated holiday season in Japan as it consists of several public holidays, making it the longest vacation period for locals. Starting from the 3rd of May to the 5th May 2018, Ki Niseko's Golden Week Festival is back. The three day event is guaranteed to be fun for all ages with the variety of activities and prizes available. Here is what to look forward to. 

Win Amazing Prizes

There are many prizes up for grabs at this year's Golden Week Festival. The grand prize includes a half price stay voucher at Ki Niseko for guests to enjoy world class hospitality. Visitors can also win Ki Niseko goods and Ki Spa discount vouchers which can be used in our Ki Spa to rejuvenate yourself after the event. 

Play Traditional Japanese Games

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Superball Sukui (Save the bouncy ball) at Ki Niseko.

Try playing Superball Sukui (Save the bouncy ball) or Yo-yo Tsuri (Yo-yo Scooping) at our festival. Both games require players to scoop out the toy using a tool made out of thin paper. But do it quick before the paper breaks! 

Ride the Rodeo

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Girl enjoying Ride the Rodeo.

Ride the Rodeo is an absolute hit with adults and kids every year. Try and stay on the Rodeo and set a new record! Winner of this event will win a half price stay voucher at Ki Niseko. (Ride the Rodeo is a weather permitted activity.)

Live Music

Throughout the three day long event, there will be live music from our local talents based in Niseko. These gifted performers include Emi Metcalf, Sapporo Jazz Trio and Jazz Min who will perform live on stage. 

Happy Hour

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To ensure everyone is energised for all the activities, there will be food and beverage outlets available with An Cafe and Bar. 

Prepare yourself for the best May festival in Niseko! In the meantime, read about last year's event here.