"◯--" Exhibition at An Dining

Natsuki Kubo Calligraphy

Kiyoe Gallery presents an exhibition of artworks by Natsuki Kobu. 

Born in Hokkaido, Natsuki-san learned calligraphy under Mr. Zuihou Sato, a master calligrapher. In 2009, she created her own original writing method that combines letters and illustrations. A few years later, she moved her working base to Sapporo and started to collaborate and perform with artists and creators of various genres such as sounds, clothes , lighting and foods. With time she expanded the range of her artworks to include group exhibitions, workshops, and demonstrations throughout Japan and also Chicago, USA. Her motto is “live with calligraphy a life time” and she aims to expand the traditional Japanese culture of calligraphy for future generations.

Location: An Dining at Ki Niseko 

Period: 31st May - 25th July

Details are up to the official page.