Hiroyuki Saito Photography Exhibition at Ki Gallery

Saitou Hiroyuki

One of the beautiful scenes captured in the artist's home town of Iwanai.

Ki Gallery welcomes another exciting exhibition in late February 2017 with the photographic works of talented Hokkaido-born artist, Hiroyuki Saito.

The stunning collection of photographs features beautifully-captured scenes from Hiroyuki's home town of Iwanai, located about 50 minutes from Niseko Hirafu.

The now Kutchan-based artist, says capturing images in his home town can be a challenge, as it's at times easy to go past scenes of beauty in a familiar place.

"It's sometimes difficult to see a new scene if you think the place where you are living as a wonderful place, as you've lived there for a long time and got used to it," Hiroyuki explains.

"I'm trying to take a shot of these beautiful scenes."

The collection of photographs of the historical port town of Iwanai, known for its incredibly fresh seafood and views across the vast Sea Of Japan, featured scenes captured during June to July 2016.

"My artwork is about life around me. My philosophy of life is expressed through the ordinary subjects surrounding us," Hiroyuki explains.

Saitou Hiroyuki2

An alley with rooftops photograph captured in Iwanai by Hiroyuki Saito.

Born in Iwanai in 1981 and moving to Kutchan when he was 25, Hiroyuki began his photography journey through taking family photos, event photos and making school graduation photo albums. From 2015, he started his own style in landscape photography.

Hiroyuki's experience as a print operator and studio location cameraman has also shaped his approach to photography.

His philosophy behind all of his work is that even though time has passed to the digital age, is to "preserve the moment in the real form of a photo for the future."

We invite you to visit the Ki Gallery and see works exhibited for a limited time only.

Exhibition is free of charge.
Exhibition Dates: February 18th - March 17th, 2017