Ki Niseko Provides Exclusive Screening Access to "Snowsurf: A Gentem Family Story"

Staying at the Ki Niseko this coming winter season? If so, then we have a little extra bonus for you. The new feature film, Snowsurf: A Gentem Family Story, set and shot in Hokkaido over the last couple years and featuring a high profile cast including Taro Tamai and Gerry Lopez, will be available for free viewing in all of our rooms.

The film delves into the unique life of Hokkaido "snowsurfers" who have given up their old lives to answer the call of world-class Hokkaido powder snow. Beginning in Autumn, the film follows a group of veteran snowsurfers, some born and raised in Hokkaido others drawn by the lifestyle, as they surf, board, and live their lives to the fullest here in Hokkaido.


A Gentemstick snowsurfer on a custom-made powder board.

The Gentemstick 'family' is made up of a group of veteran boarders who, when not riding the waves and powder, also design and make unique and custom boards. If you would like to see what their snowboards look like and what else they have to offer, you can follow the link to the Gentem website here.


Kicking up fresh Hokkaido powder.

If you find yourself curious about back-country or getting a bit more help with skiing or boarding through that fresh Hokkaido powder, our Concierge Team is always ready to help you make reservations for lessons and services. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of "Snowsurf: A Gentem Family Story," just let our Front Desk staff know and they can arrange to have a copy made available to take home for 4,000 JPY plus tax.