Our New Ki Tenugui at the Ki Gift Shop

We're delighted to introduce to you our wonderful new original Ki Tenugui. This special piece has been exclusively designed for Ki Gift Shop in collaboration with one of the oldest Tenugui shops in Japan, Eirakuya.

Founded in 1615 in Kyoto, Eirakuya has been making and selling traditional Japanese washcloths for around 400 years. These cloths are known in Japan as Furoshiki or Tenugui. Eirakuya is currently making not only Furoshiki or Tenugui, but also handkerchief and bags.

The exclusively designed cloths for Ki Niseko feature a beautiful design of two geisha enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Niseko.


The new original Ki Tenugui for purchase.

The Ki Tenugui features the iconic and picturesque Mt. Yotei as the beautiful backdrop to the unique design.

The snowboard the geisha is riding illustrates a Gentemstick made powder board. Gentemstick is the one of the most popular snowboard makers in Niseko. They are renowned for creating snowboards based on their concept of "snowsurf", which is the way in which to ride Niseko's deep powder snow.

The geisha in the design are wearing colourful kimonos with both of their obi featuring the iconic Ki Niseko pattern.

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The Ki Tenugui includes instructions on how to use in extra ways, like how to wrap a sake bottle.

The Ki Tenugui includes instructions on how to use the tenugui in extra ways like wrapping a sake bottle, accompanying sake glasses, how to make book covers and pocket tissue case and so on. The instructions are in Japanese and English.

To purchase the new Ki Tenugui, visit the Ki Gift Shop for ¥2300.