Let's Go to Milk Koubou!

As Milk Koubou is featured in most Niseko guide books, this destination for sweets-lovers is one of the hot spots to visit in the area. Beginning with their signature cream puffs, we'll also take a look at some of Milk Koubou's other tasty treats.

The various Milk Koubou facilities include, in addition to their famous sweets shop, a restaurant called Prativo, a cafe for enjoying ice cream and snacks, an outdoor goods shop, and a yogurt workshop. There is also an excellent spot for Niseko visitors to take photos atop giant rolls of farm grass with the iconic Mt. Yohtei standing majestically in the background. Families and couples alike are guaranteed a great experience (all the better if it's sunny out)!


This destination for sweets-lovers is one of the hot spots to visit in the area.

Locals know the Milk Koubou for it's unbelievably rich and creamy cream puffs. The epitome of a delicious cream puff is crisp cream puff dough meeting smooth, rich cream--the moment the cream is put inside the dough is the most delicious. With this idea in mind, the Milk Koubou adds the fresh cream to the crisp puff pastry after customers order. The freshly added cream tends to gush out when you eat these delicious puffs, so take care not to spill while enjoying one.


Milk Koubou's signature cream puff.


Bursting with cream!


Milk Koubou's main shop includes a display case housing an array of sweets, including puddings, roll cakes, cheese tarts, cheese cakes, souffle cakes, and castella, which is sure to leave you lost as to what to choose. My personal recommendation would have to be the cheese tarts. Combining a crisp tart crust with creamy, smooth cheese, these tarts pack a ton of delicious milk and cheese flavor for a small-sized treat.


The "Niseko Cheese Tarte." The store sells packets of four, but if you'd like to sample just one, you can do so at the Milk Koubou's Niseko View Plaza.


The balance of crust and cheese is perfectly delicious.


You can select two flavors, including seasonal selections, when you order the ice cream, which is made on site using fresh milk from the ranch. This spring, the popular seasonal flavor is the raspberry cream cheese, a satisfying concotion made up of rich cream cheese ice cream accented by a tart raspberry ribbon.


Of course, beyond the ice cream, soft serve, and cream puffs you can enjoy on the spot, the Koubou features a bountiful lineup of small souvenir snacks, including chocolate cookies, langues de chat and sweet rusks made from cream puff crust. The Chocolate Tart Cookie, a delightful treat made from crispy tart dough and covered in Swiss chocolate coating, really hit the spot.


The Milk Koubou storefront. Many visitors enjoy eating their ice cream outside. On clear days, you can enjoy the relaxing scenery of Niseko with views of Mt. Yohtei from the on-site pastures.


Atop one of these giant bales of hay is a great spot for taking your quintessential Hokkaido family picture this summer!

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Milk Koubou
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