Preparing for a Cow Parade!

Preparations for one of the most anticipated events of the Niseko summer, the Cow Parade, are progressing steadily. 44 cow statues have arrived from Poland and China and 44 artists have begun painting them. The fiber glass life-size cow models come in three poses--the sitting cow, the standing cow with raised head, and the standing cow with lowered head, the longest of which is 2.4 meters long.

The cow statues, which arrived plain white for the artists to decorate have incredibly realistic frames and are very life-like. These plain white cows will be transformed by the generosity of Niseko area pro and amateur painters, who will decorate them for the event. Starting with the opening party in the beginning of July, these cows will colorfully accent the Niseko townscape.

A 15 May Hokkaido Shimbun article detailed the status of preparations:

「カウパレード」準備着々 倶知安、ニセコで初開催 白い牛の模型が到着


Packaged cows delivered from China and Poland.


Australian artist Nicki begins painting a cow at Hirafu 188's workspace.

This time, it will also be possible to witness up close the painting of the cows in areas designated by the Cow Parade Executive Committee around Niseko Town, Kutchan Downtown, and the Hirafu Area. Before the exhibition, be sure to see these cows in the process of their transformation. As they are works in progress, please be sure not to touch them!