Exhibition "Born Here"

People choose to live in Niseko for various reasons, whether it's the snow, the natural beauty, or simply because they were born and raised here. Regardless the area seems to instill a common sense of inspiration that allows them to create something that can only be created here.
The items being exhibited in the Ki Niseko lobby from January 7th, 2021 are all things that were "born here." This exhibit, which will be held until February 7th, aims to share the stories of the three "creators" to both visitors to the hotel as well as Niseko locals.

Dates: January 7th - mid-February, 2021

Location: Ki Niseko lobby

Local product display

The exhibit also includes a work by Kawashima Mitsuyoshi from Sapporo's botanicalgarden NUE. The tree evokes the complex undulations and shapes of the mountains of Niseko.


You can often spot Gentemstick's boards in the lift lines in Niseko. Gaining attention across the world for their beautiful design and high craftsmanship, Gentemstick's boards are designed and tested right here in Niseko. The model on display is the Rocket Fish, which is a classic example of the "fat and short" shape. Don't miss the chance to take an upclose look at this classic style. Click here for more.

MG 2845


Mokuemon's snowboard stands create a sense of pleasure and serenity that's seldom found in mass-produced products. The stands are made using natural dried Hokkaido timber carefully chosen by craftsman Hide Kuwahara and blend into any room. The stand is designed to display the snowboard it holds in the most beautiful way possible. Click here for more.



Team ROKO, with all its members being Niseko locals, was created with the goal of making riding Niseko's powder snow even more fun. Long time experts in having fun in Niseko, they create skis that are just as fun as they are. The pPod model on display is a ski that can make any day on the mountain a fun one, exceling in various conditions. With a topsheet designed by a Hokkaido-native artist, these skis are full of love for its hometown. Click here for more.

Roko ski cropped