MASI Wine Maker's Dinner

An Dining and MASI Wine collaborated to host a dinner with the aim to introduce MASI's specialty wine and An Dining's take on Hokkaido cuisine to more people. 

Masi Wine Dinner 2018 77

For the event, MASI Asia Pacific Export Manager, Marco Zauli explained the history behind MASI wines and about each wine on the menu. Presented to diners were five different types of wine, all unique in their own way. Some of which are made using the time consuming Venetian method of Appassimento. A method involving drying grapes on bamboo racks to concentrate aromas and tastes. 

An Dining's Owner Chef Shinichi Maeda and Sous Chef Hugo Chaise especially designed the dinner course to match the MASI wine. Dishes were inspired and created with Hokkaido local produce in mind. Diners were able to sample the delicacies all around Hokkaido including Gokko-fish from Minami Kayabe, grass fed wagyu from Yakumo Kitazato as well as Akkeshi sea snail and scallop sashimi from Nanae. 

The collaboration between MASI wine and An Dining was an educational and sensory experience for all diners who attended.  

We look forward to hosting similar events in winter 2018. 

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