Ninjas Put On A Show At Ki Niseko

Ninjas at Ki Niseko1

Ninjas showcase a traditional Japanese art form at the Ki Niseko lobby.

Guests at Ki Niseko were treated to a wonderful, action-packed ninja performance at the weekend to celebrate the excitement of Japanese culture. The three talented ninjas from Yoichi, Hokkaido, visited the hotel showcasing an awe-inspiring 20 minute performance including a variety of traditional ninja styles.

The show included an impressive performance featuring shuriken - a traditional Japanese concealed weapon, used for throwing, and slashing. The audience was also treated to a sword performance choreographed to music, jumps, head spinning and high-impact dance.

Ninjas at Ki Niseko

Watching as on the ninjas perform and showcase their skills.

Guests were intrigued to learn that even a pair of chopsticks can become possible weapon. The ninjas demonstrated their special skills to throw the chopsticks to stick into a board with precision. It had to be seen to be believed!

The ninjas also invited a member of the audience to share in their sword performance, with everyone enjoying seeing the ninja pretend to be killed by the audience volunteer.

After the performance, the three ninjas took the time to take some photos with guests and also meet and greet the Ninja Kid from GoSnow. It was a great afternoon and Japanese cultural experience right in Ki Niseko's very own lobby space. For more great events on this winter season, check out our Events.