Picture-Perfect: Where to Photograph Autumn Leaves in Niseko

Niseko is in the midst of autumn with the surrounding mountains and countryside beautifully coloured in shades of gold and copper. Whether you prefer cycling or driving, you can experience the autumn atmosphere. That being said, there are a number of spots around Niseko that offer some of the most photograph-worthy autumn leaf views.

With the peak of the autumn season only a week or two away, here are our top spots to take autumn snaps that may just make your friends back home just a little bit envious!


Take a hike at Chisenupuri to enjoy epic mountain views and beautiful autumn leaves. With "chisa" meaning house and "nupuri" meaning mountain, the views showcase the mountains unique overturned bowl shape. The hike will take around one hour to the top.

The other great thing is you will get to enjoy views of Mt. Yotei and Annupuri at the same time.


Photograph stunning autumn scenery at Shirakabayama and Shakunage-numa. A great hike for beginners and the reward is well worth it with the beautiful contrast between the coloured mountains and marsh.

Fukidashi Park

Located in Kyogoku Town, Fukidashi park has approximately 80,000 tons of water spilling out of its natural springs every day; Kyogoku Town itself is famous as the village of water! The park features two large ponds and interconnecting streams where the famous spring water flows. Visitors can also collect the fresh water into their bottles and take away with them. A popular spot for sightseeing tours all through the year, Fukidashi Park is a must-see in autumn.

Makkari Arboretum

A hidden spot not very well known is the Makkari Arboretum. It's a great stop if you're on a sightseeing drive around Mt.Yotei with a playground and popular tofu shop nearby. If you are lucky, you might even meet a squirrel as it forages in the final prepartion for winter!


With "shinsen" meaning god and "numa" meaning marsh, Shinsen-numa is a breathtaking place to soak up the autumn atmosphere. It's an easy boardwalk, great for families and the scenery features a golden grassy plain that looks like a painting. Since Naganuma is also nearby, why not stop by both to get your autumn fix!?

Panorama Line

Take a scenic autumn drive along the Panorama Line with its winding roads and views that go on and on. Surrounded by mountains, the landscape is also a popular road for bike tours and more. Since it will be closed in winter, be sure to visit in October before winter.


With an altitude of 1116 metres, Iwaonupuri is a great hike for beginners and offers unique terrain and autumn views. Located in the centre of Chisenupuri, Weishorn, Niseko Annupuri and Mt. Moiwa, you can also see Mt. Yotei on a clear day. Photos courtesy: Hitomi Igawa.

There are countless autumn leaf spots in the Niseko area, surrounded by forests and mountains, such as ponds near Kutchan Town, Mt. Yotei and Lake Hangetsu. Share your autumn moments with us via the #kiniseko hashtag on Instagram.