First Snow on Niseko's Mountains for 2017

The first snow for the 2017/18 season has arrived! Niseko's iconic Mt. Yotei and Niseko-Annupuri, home to Niseko-Hirafu's ski resort, have both received their first sprinkling of snow.

First Snow on Mt. Yotei

Mt. Yotei with snow in the morning of October 5th.

On September 29th, very early in the morning, snow was seen at the top of Mt. Yotei. The snow fall comes a week earlier than in 2016, which saw the snow arrive on October 7th.

Mt. Yotei received a second, heavier layer of snow, landing around half way down the sides of the mountain on October 5th.

Mount Yotei with Snow on the top

Mt. Yotei with snow in the afternoon of October 5th.

Following Mt. Yotei snowfall news, the first snow was also observed on the summit of Niseko-Annnupuri, home to Niseko United (Niseko's four ski resorts). The lift operation is scheduled to open within 50 days so the season's snowfall is very exciting news!

Enjoy autumn leaves and the snow at the same time

Peaks of Niseko-Annupuri with snow.

With the temperatures also having dropped recently along with the first snow, now is the transition between autumn and winter with Niseko's beautiful autumn leaves and snow capped peaks a stunning sight.

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