Strider Enjoy Cup Niseko 2017: Save 10% on Your Stay

Ready for your child to have fun while you cheer them on? Then get ready for the Strider Enjoy Cup! The second annual Strider Enjoy Cup is taking place again in summer 2017 and you and your family and invited to take part.

Ki Niseko is thrilled to offer a special accommodation discount for families looking to participate in this fantastic event, on Sunday, 16th July, 2017. We will be providing an additional 10% off your stay with us at Ki Niseko for any guests with children participating in the Strider Enjoy Cup: Niseko Stage!

DatesDiscountValidityBooking Details
July 15 - 16, 201710% off your stayOffer available to event participants, stakeholders, supporters.Discount applied on best available rate (length of stay can be extended). Direct bookings only. Simply mention 'Strider' when booking. Discount not available on Penthouses.

Please contact our Reservation Team for more information about the discount and your summer stay. Don't forget to register your child for the event before June 25, 2017.

Strider Entry and Registration Page

So what is Strider?

Strider is designed for little kids and toddlers to have an exciting bike experience without the hard struggle practicing. The revolutionary bike was first produced in America in 2007 as a "new bike for a rider to move forward by kicking the ground". Strider Bikes are a great balance bike for kids aged 18 months to 5 years, and the simplicity of the bike allows children to concentrate on the fundamental skills of leaning, balancing and steering while propelling the bike in a natural way.

What is the Strider Enjoy Cup?

The Cup is also known as the world’s youngest riders’ race.

At the very heart, the Strider Enjoy Cup is about having fun and enjoying friendly competition. Held all across Japan and the world, children ages two to six are eligible to enter. All entries are welcome, of course, as this friendly event aims to be inclusive to all. There are four age categories dividing the event up to help ensure everyone has a good time (children will be divided into the following categories: 2-year-old age group, 3-year-old age group, 4-year-old age group, and 5-and-six-year-old age group).

The Strider Enjoy Cup is for those little ones who have just begun to ride Strider but already want to join a race, or for those who just love Strider and love to have lots of fun with the bike. Anyone who can ride Strider is welcome to take part in the Enjoy Cup.

For more information on Strider Enjoy Cup, visit the official website.