Seiji Yamagishi Art Exhibition Coming to Ki Gallery

Introducing our newest exhibition opening at Ki Gallery this June: Walking Day by Day by Seiji Yamagishi.

The exhibition by the Sapporo-based artist showcases everyday life from sunrise, showing people through various, yet ordinary situations. The artwork depicts the moments of hope and passion from simple, everyday life.

"I express the intangibleness in artwork; they could be the sense of our existence and consciousness or the sense of where we are," explains artist, Yamagishi.

The artworks are created with image edited on a computer and then printed on Washi (Japanese paper) produced by Awagami Factory.

Yamagishi Seiji 日々を歩く

Walking Day by Day by Seiji Yamagishi.

Yamagishi was born in Shenzhen City in 1961 and began work as a photographer in 1989. He has exhibited both solo and group exhibitions as a working artist.

This exhibition will open on June 14th and will run until mid-August.