The Water's Surface - Photo Exhibition by Shin Tokumaru

Shin Tokumaru Minamo Photo Exhibition Ki Niseko

There is a certain fascination to the reflected colours and textures that garner the surface of Hangetsu Lake according to Kutchan resident Mr. Shin Tokumaru. It is his fascination with these reflected colours that led the surface of Hangetsu Lake to be the subject of his latest exhibition. All of his images are completely natural and unedited. Tokumaru has chosen not to edit and refine his images, and rather let the natural beauty rise to the surface.

The sky, the clouds, the trees of the forest, the ripples on the water, they blend together to create a range of mysterious patterns. Tokumaru said that when he saw all of this for the first time, it really stirred him up. He was almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the fleeting moment caused by the powerful combination of natural forces.

Hokkaido born and raised, Tokumaru was born in Obihiro city in 1960, but moved to Kutchan town in 1996. He holds both solo and group exhibitions across Hokkaido and mainland Japan as well.

Exhibition dates: 8 September, 2016 to 16 September, 2016

Tokumaru Shin Minamo