Journey into Japanese Artistry with Tsuyoshi Sato's Calligraphy Showcase at Ki Gallery

We are very proud to announce the next exhibition at Ki Gallery, and the first exhibition for the 2024 season is local artist Tsuyoshi Sato's incredible calligraphy exhibition.

Experience Tsuyoshi Sato's intricate brushwork up close and explore the profound meaning behind each stroke at Ki Gallery this January. From the historical significance of Japanese calligraphy to Sato's own artistic journey, be prepared to delve into the beauty and intricacies of his work.

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Mt Sato's exhibition will be free to view in Ki Gallery from Saturday 30 December, 2023 - Tuesday 30 January, 2024.

About the Artist

Born in 1962 in Kyowa-cho, Hokkaido, Tsuyoshi Sato's artistic journey began under the guidance of his parents, who ran a calligraphy school. His passion for the art form only deepened over the years. For three decades, from 1993 to his recent retirement in March 2023, Sato dedicated himself to teaching calligraphy at Iwanai High School. As the advisor to the calligraphy club, he mentored students to showcase their talents in prestigious exhibitions, leaving an indelible mark on the All Hokkaido and National Calligraphy Exhibitions.

Beyond the classroom, Sato extended his influence by teaching calligraphy classes to residents of Iwanai and its suburbs. His commitment to fostering local calligraphy culture has been unwavering, shaping the artistic landscape of the community.

Comment from the artist

"Thank you very much for joining me on this artistic journey. In 'As It Is,' I aimed to convey the essence of calligraphy with a sense of ease and authenticity. Just as I wrote with a relaxed attitude, I invite you to approach my work with the same tranquility. May you find joy and serenity in the strokes of each piece. Relax, take it easy, be at ease... I sincerely wish you all the best."

Special Calligraphy Live Event at Ki Niseko

To kick off the New Year, we enjoyed an incredible live calligraphy performance by Mr Sato and the talented members of the Iwanai High School Japanese Drumming Club, Karen Ishida and Kotoha Ishida.

Mr. Sato skillfully crafted a beautiful dragon, symbolising the Chinese zodiac sign for the year, in traditional Japanese style.

Following the performance, attendees engaged in a unique calligraphy experience known as Kakizome, expressing their ambitions and prayers for the upcoming year with brush and ink.

Read our full blog post about the incredible performance here.

About the exhibition

Dates: Saturday 30 December, 2023 - Tuesday 30 January, 2024

Location: Ki Gallery in front of Ki Gift Shop

Admission: Free