Capturing Beauty in Motion during Mr. Tsuyoshi Sato's Live Calligraphy Event

Japanese calligraphy is not just about beauty; it encapsulates rhythm, the essence of the calligrapher, and their emotional state.

Our guests and staff were treated to an incredible calligraphy performance by Mr. Tsuyoshi Sato and the talented members of the Iwanai High School Japanese Drumming Club, Karen Ishida and Kotoha Ishida to celebrate the start of 2024.

Post performance, Mr Sato wished everyone a happy new year and explained the finished artwork. He drew a beautiful picture of a dragon, the Chinese zodiac sign for this year, in Japanese.

In Japan, the New Year is celebrated with the tradition of Kakizome, a writing ritual where aspirations and prayers for the upcoming year are expressed through brush and ink. Following the presentation, guests had the unique opportunity to partake in 'Kakizome,' the ancient Japanese art of calligraphy, under Mr. Sato's guidance.

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Everyone in attendance was left in admiration after witnessing this extraordinary performance, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to these three talented artists for their calligraphy and taiko performances.

Mr Sato is exhibiting at Ki Gallery until Tuesday 30 January, 2024. Read more information about the exhibition here.

Tsuyoshi Sato's Calligraphy Showcase at Ki Gallery

Mt Sato's exhibition is free to view in Ki Gallery from Saturday 30 December, 2023 - Tuesday 30 January, 2024.