Limited Operations for Niseko Lifts from April 6 Onward

As we head deeper into spring, a number of the lifts around the Niseko United resorts are closing for the season. In spite of this, there is still plenty of good spring skiing on offer, as well as a solid base—60cm at the foot of the mountain and an encouraging 385cm at the top. The season will continue through to May 6, at which all lift operations will conclude for the season.

Enjoy what's left of the season!

Grand Hirafu

Hirafu lifts have now moved over to limited operations for the remainer of the season. Three chairlifts—Ace Quad #2 (Center Four), King Hooded Triple Lift #3 and King #4—will continue to operate. The Hirafu High Speed Gondola will spin on weekends and public holidays only.

For anyone looking to brush up on their riding skills, Gondola Snowsports (GoSnow) will continue to offer private lessons at20% off until April 26!

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Lift operations at Hanazono concluded for the season on April 6.

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Niseko Village

Niseko Village lift operations cease temporarily on April 8, and will open again during the Golden Week period from April 29 to May 6.

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Niseko Annupuri

Niseko Annupuri lifts will continue to operate as normal for the remainer of the season (May 6).

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