Hiroko Takahashi Graphic Art Exhibition on at Ki Gallery

We welcome you to come and enjoy our newest exhibition in the Ki Gallery by talented, Sapporo-based artist, Hiroko Takahashi. The new exhibition entitled, Over There and Here 2017, is Takashi's second exhibition at Ki Gallery, after her popular first exhibition back in November 2016.

The new exhibition features large scale graphic prints, created in Autumn 2016 based on Takahashi's previous drawings for an exhibition themed, Child's Mind.

"I drew the base work with a child-like mind," Takahashi explains.

"As a child, we used to get instantly attracted by things around us and would immerse ourselves in what we love from the environment."

"Once we are attracted by it, we would desperately try to obtain it even if it is at end of the risky path, or as night falls. A flock of birds are heading in the same direction, but we would go the opposite direction," Takahashi explains.

The artworks have been created using original pencil drawings and then digitally completed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Head over over to the Ki Gallery to see Takahashi's exquisite work on for a limited time only.